Eco Growth Emerald is a wonderful fertilising product, promoting the natural good fungal spores in your soil to come to life, stopping soil compaction and releasing food for your lawn’s roots.


BI-AGRA helps in combating water repellent problems in your lawn. It has two components, a wetting agent for spreading water evenly throughout the soil, and a moisture retaining component to hold the water in the soil.

Water Saver

True Blue Turf is proud to introduce the only LONG TERM WATER SAVING product on the market. After extensive research we created a super blend of 3 components, specially designed for the SANDY SOILS of Western Australia.

Weed Control

Weeds are the greatest pest problem facing the home gardener. Most lawn weeds are opportunistic and quickly take over areas that have become thinned as a result of poor maintenance or inadequate growing conditions. Weeds are fast to germinate, grow and spread. Once weeds are well established, there is little chance that the lawn will be able to out-compete them without you coming to the rescue. To help you find the right remedy to control your weed problem, email a picture to We can help identify and provide the best advice on what to use for your particular variety of turf. Buffalo can be sensitive to regular spray treatments.

Fertilisers & Soil Improvers

The most important times to feed your lawn is spring and autumn. Fertiliser applied in early spring will help the lawn recover quickly from winter dormancy, and resist the establishment of summer weeds.
When applied in autumn, your lawn will maintain growth and good colour well into winter.