Wintergreen Couch


Cynodon dactylon


Wintergreen (Cynodon dactylon) is an attractive emerald green hybrid couch lawn with a soft formal appearance and a fine leaf texture. It is a deep-rooted lawn with a smooth, soft, but hard wearing surface. This hybrid-couch is a hardy all-round turf for a durable home lawn or hard wearing sports surface.

  • Wintergreen can be mowed with a rotary mower, but has better results with a reel mower.
  • Requires de-thatching every second or third year.
  • Wintergreen is only suited for full sun areas.
  • Wintergreen has a fine leaf structure for that bowling green look.
  • Maintains a good winter colour with adequate maintenance. Has a tendency to go dormant during winter.
  • When grown in full sun, Wintergreen has a medium wear tolerance.



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