Planting Plugs, Stolons/Runners

Plugs are chopped sections of instant roll on grass. Each section has nodes (joints) which will produce growth, if properly planted. True Blue Turf offers a plug planting service for areas over 1,000m2.

Stolons/runners being propagated from selected strains are true- to-type and are weed free.

Planting plugs or stolons/runners is best done in the warmer months of spring, summer and early autumn. Turf establishment through the use of stolons normally takes approximately 12 months for full coverage.


1. Keep the bag(s) of stolons/runners in the shade and keep them moist.

2. Spread the shredded stolons/runners evenly over a well-watered soil surface at a rate of 50m2 per bag.

3. Work in manageable areas of not more than 50m2 at a time. In hot and dry weather conditions, work on a smaller area to avoid exposed runners drying out.

4. Spread as evenly as possible to ensure even coverage.

Spreading cannot be done in windy conditions.

Note: Buffalo runners should be planted in rows approximately 150mm apart. For Buffalo skip steps 5, 6, 7.


5. For large areas, roll the runners into the soil surface with a disc bladed roller. Make sure that all runners are buried.

6. Roll the disc in several different directions ensuring that most of the runners are pressed firmly into, and beneath the soil surface.

7. Alternatively, for smaller areas hoe the runners into the soil with a rotary hoe implement to a depth of 20-30mm.

8. Roll the area with a pedestrian cylinder roller, making sure all runners are buried. A criss-cross action may be necessary for complete coverage. This ensures close contact between runners and soil, which is needed for prompt growth. It also enables you to flatten out any irregularities and form an even surface.


Thoroughly water each section immediately after planting. Runners will quickly die if left in dry, hot soil. To establish stolons / runners successfully, it requires double the water frequency for the rst 10 days.

Please be sure to double the frequency in the ‘Watering Guide’.

For areas over 1,000m2, please contact us for a quote on our plug planting service.

Walk Behind Rotary Hoe

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