Watering Guide

These watering guidelines are not necessarily compliant with the water restrictions currently in place. Please check with your local water authority.


• In order to know how much water your reticulation system or sprinklers are applying, you need to measure its output. All you need is an empty ice cream container with a 10mm mark on the inside of the container. Place container on the lawn, turn the sprinklers on and time how long it takes to gather 10mm of water in the container. This is the correct time for that station on your controller or sprinkler. Check your sprinklers’ overlap on different spots around your lawn. Make sure you get an even coverage so that no spots get less than 10mm in that time. This may mean some spots get more than 10mm.

• If your lawn show signs of stress (wilting and discolouration), you will need to give it a good drink of 10mm of water per day until the colour comes back. Water by hand on off-roster days. In most cases, dry spots should be treated with BI-AGRA which is a combination of wetting agent and moisture retaining aid, to help with water uptake.



If you are establishing a lawn or garden, you must apply for a water exemption. This will allow you to water enough days to establish your lawn and garden.

For exemption, contact your local household water supplier or visit: www.watercorporation.com.au

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