3D GPS / Laser Scraper


We pride ourselves on working at the forefront of technology to ensure that we have the most effective earthwork solutions for the ever changing needs of our clients.
We use the very latest high technology laser levelling equipment, providing clients with the most cost effective solution for their large-scale earthwork requirements.
Earthworks services include:

  • Precise laser levelling
  • Drainage
  • Flood irrigation
  • Clay spreading
  • Dam construction

Using laser-based technology, we offer practical solutions for all earthworks. It is particularly effective in the preparation of agricultural drainage and turning wet unusable paddocks into productive land. This ground-breaking technology ensures that we can reduce contract time, materials and site management resources, essentially saving the client money and time.
Through the use of laser machine automation it can achieve an accuracy of +/- 5mm. We can move up to 4,000m3 in 24 hours, and can incorporate any materials, from well graded soils to sand or clay, and work to any fall or cross fall required. The machine will constantly check and control the levels for accuracy.


We offer a full range of sport ground services, including:

  • Full design and build construction projects
  • Multi-use sport ovals
  • Oval renovations and reconstruction
  • Total solutions for sport ovals from ‘ground up’ to ‘turf down.’

The True Blue Team has years of experience in sport oval construction and we are one of the first turf farms able to offer turnkey solutions for a range of sport facilities, delivering projects ranging from stadiums, arenas, sport ovals and golf courses.

This state of the art machine is available with a 3D control system, which can also be used on more complex projects, where the digital design data from the CAD software can be converted to control the blade. It’s the perfect solution for all site preparation and fine grading jobs, with an accuracy of +/- 3mm.

We provide the total solution from concept to construction to design and build all ‘Natural Sport Surfaces.’