Roll-on Install Guide


Upon receiving your delivery, remove plastic wrapping to avoid heat stress.
Store your turf rolls in the shade and keep them moist. Lay your turf within 24 hours of delivery.

  1. Distribute starter fertiliser (palletised chicken manure) @ 20kg / 50m2.
  2. Pick a starting point to lay your border; the longest straight edge such as a fence or paved area is a great starting point. Continue to border your selected area.
  3. Lay the rows in a staggered brick work pattern to reduce future erosion. Refer to graphic.
  4. Lay across slopes rather than down. If the slope is very steep, you may need to hold the rolls in place with a stake until root growth takes hold.
  5. Roll the turf out making sure all joins are butted tightly together, with no overlapping. Knock the rolls together with the back of a rake. Press the roll edges down with your feet if needed to flatten down edges.
  6. Use a sharp serrated knife to cut the turf around trees or garden beds
  7. Ensure there is good contact between the roots of the turf and the soil, leaving no air pockets. It is recommended to compact the lawn with a small plate compactor or roller after completing installation.

A light top soil may be applied to all joins and level any depressions (use yellow sand or the turf underlay soil) – ensure the leaves of the turf are still visible.

Water your lawn within 30 minutes of installation – it should be soaked, not saturated. Ensure that the surface of the lawn is wet through to the root area. Dry patches will quickly die and your new lawn will not survive.

Minimise playing on the turf for at least 2 weeks. For watering, check our Watering Guide


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