BI-AGRA helps in combating water repellent problems in your lawn. It has two components, a wetting agent for spreading water evenly throughout the soil, and a moisture retaining component to hold the water in the soil. BI-AGRA penetrates dry lifeless soil and binds with its molecules. Once water is applied, BI-AGRA helps to evenly distribute the water and hold on to it, keeping it at the root area of your turf much longer than untreated soil. It is specially made to aid in the twice a week watering restrictions.

2L – treats 150m²

BI-AGRA was researched and developed in WA for our conditions. It is produced by SST Australia which is the largest supplier of commercial grade wetting agent in Australia.

  • Improves water distribution and uniformity, helping to reduce that blotchy look often apparent in domestic lawns.
  • BI-AGRA is long lasting with research showing it is still effective up to 12 months after application.
  • Aids in reducing the frequency of irrigation. It is an easy hose on application that is environmentally friendly.
  • BI-AGRA can be seen working just three weeks after application.
  • It will improve your lawn’s appearance compared to an untreated lawn.
  • BI-AGRA should be used as a curative treatment on severely water repellent soils to assist with the rewetting of dry root zones.
  • Reduces evaporation by holding onto moisture in the soil and allowing better use of the twice per week irrigation restrictions we have in WA.
  • Also great for garden beds. Do not spray directly on flowers and shrubs, as the foliage may burn.
  • Water in well after application