Water Saver




True Blue Turf is proud to introduce the only LONG TERM WATER SAVING product on the market. After extensive research we created a super blend of 3 components, specially designed for the SANDY SOILS of Western Australia.
Silicate Stone Flakes

Long life span. Laboratory tests and field trials have proven that Silicate Stone Flakes can maintain their unique water and nutrient retention for at least 10 years (depending on the environmental situation). These Stone Flakes are granulated silica based stone dust, and for this reason, its natural mineral properties provide a long life span. Instantly absorbs water during irrigation or rainfall. Holds 16 times its weight in water. If correctly applied and incorporated to a depth of 100mm in the soil, this means, it will retain 2.4 litres of water per m2 in addition to what is retained naturally within the soil structure.

At recommended rates (depending on local conditions) in sandy soils the Silicate Stone Flakes will effectively reduce the leaching of irrigation water by minimum 50%.
Plants and turf will be able to survive longer periods between watering, because as the Silicate Stone Flakes increase the plant available water. It stores water which would otherwise be lost to drainage. Nutrients in the water are held and are also available to the plants as Silicate Stone Flakes releases moisture to the surrounding soil. Silicate Stone Flakes do not waterlog the soil. Once the Stone Flakes have reached capacity, excess water drains through the soil as it normally would.

50% LESS water leaching: Reduces fertiliser, herbicide and pesticide leaching. All water soluble products will be held in the grass root zone for a longer period of time, resulting in a more efficient application of these products. In addition, environmental benefits occur as these products will not be as readily leached into nearby water systems. Silicate Stone Flakes were originally engineered more than 15 years ago to minimise chemical and nutrient leaching into the water tables of Europe.


Concentrated Organic Matter
  • Stimulates soil microbes and fungi. Beneficial micro-organisms are the missing link in our WA sandy soils. Stabilises nitrogen and improves nitrogen fertiliser efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce phosphate lockups and increase slow release of essential nutrients, another problem with our WA sandy soils.
  • Natural chelating agent to help nutrient absorption and retention. Allows plant cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.
  • Contains a growth stimulant that can enhance cell division and elongation.
  • Buffers the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
  • pH buffering capacity to help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes. Assists in soil wetting.
  • Soil Wetter
  • Overcomes water repellence in soil.
  • Prevents dry spots.
  • Commercial grade. Long term performance.

Directions for use prior to planting
1. Remove any debris or excess soil.
2. Spread the flakes evenly on the soil; 8.8kg bucket per 25-50m2 (176-352gms per m2).
3. Mix very well into soil, to a minimum depth of 10cm, either with a rotary hoe or pitch fork (not rake).
4. Water thoroughly.
5. Then roll out lawn or continue planting.

8.8kg treats 25-50m²